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How To Track Website Changes

March 20, 2023
 • Angela Noble
 • 3 min read

Would you like to know every time a new page is added to your website, or when a page is removed? Our new tool Sitemap Change Alerts was built to track website changes and notify you any time a new page is added or removed from your website.

It works by checking your sitemap once per hour. If any URLs are added or removed, you will get an email with the change details.

preview of the email alert: includes notifications that 1 URL has been added and 1 URL has been removed. Includes the following data for new URLs: the URL, the Title, the Description (shown as missing), the Canonical URL, the OG Image. Lists removed URLs.
Email alert preview

Why We Built A Tool To Track Website Changes: 

Quickly Ensure You’ve Included A Title, Description, Unique URL, and OG Image On All Pages

New pages are often created by duplicating existing pages. This is an easy way to get a new, similar page started. But, we’ve seen pages with “Copy” in the Page Title, URLs that look like, as well as duplicate descriptions and OG images. 

Or, if you’re starting from scratch, you might completely forget small steps such as adding an SEO-friendly description and including an OG image.

These little details are easy to forget when creating new pages, but they add up across your website to either help or hurt SEO and user experience.

Help Your Marketing Team Manage A Large Number Of Webpages

We’ve also seen teams run into challenges when pages are accidentally turned to Draft or unpublished by mistake—or, when draft pages are prematurely published. 

Having an alert for a project manager or marketing director provides quick visibility into what pages are being published and unpublished and can provide peace of mind.

Use It To Track Competitor Websites

Aside from monitoring your own site, why not get alerts for your competitors’ sites? How often are they publishing new resources or launching new products? Zelolab’s Sitemap Change Detector simply monitors publically available sitemaps and alerts you of any updates.

This could be used for personal interest too. Get alerted when your favorite brand drops a new product!

How To Track Website Changes:

Create A Sitemap

SEO hinges on search engines’ abilities to crawl your website. Creating and submitting a sitemap to Google is a vital step to complete if you want Google to crawl (read) and rank your website. Zelolab uses your sitemap to monitor your website for changes. Learn more about sitemaps and how to create one in our resource here.

Enter Your Sitemap URL and Email Address

Go to our Sitemap Change Alerts tool and simply enter the sitemap you want to track and the email you want Zelolab to send alerts to.

Screenshot of the tool interface showing where you enter a Sitemap URL in one field and a Notification Email in a second field. Call to action button states "Start Watching"

Our team of robots will check your sitemap once per hour and send you an email only if changes are detected. Track website changes now with our Sitemap Change Alerts tool!


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