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Why We Built Zelolab

November 21, 2023
 • Angela Noble
 • 6 min read

Zelolab is a tool built for developers and marketing teams to help them make websites better. 

My co-founder and I started building the tools that now make up Zelolab out of our own need as website agency owners. We’ve been running our agency Noble Intent Studio since 2011—designing and building custom websites for our U.S.-based clients, and launching hundreds of websites. 

Check Social Share Preview Images At A Glance

We ran into challenges in our digital marketing work, particularly on social media. Social share previews, particularly social preview images, were often an afterthought for web teams. Even if marketing teams’ current processes include adding a properly sized OG image, older blog posts and pages often do not have a featured image or OG image set up. 

We started noticing even websites with huge teams had overlooked OG tags, leading to glaringly problematic previews anytime these pages are shared on social media or within messaging apps, just to name a few places links unfurl

For example,’s Pet Supplies Category Page:

OG Title: Pet Supplies : Target

OG Description: Target has the Pets youre looking for at incredible prices Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery Drive Up and more

While the image is OK, the description tag was clearly generated by a robot and doesn’t make sense and is missing some punctuation.

OG Title: Pet Supplies : Target
OG Description: Target has the Pets youre looking for at incredible prices Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery Drive Up and more

We also found our own website had pretty poor OG images set up, despite some amount of effort on our part to actually set them!

This one example of a bad OG image shows us with our heads and feet cropped off!

Screenshot of Facebook, Slack, and LinkedIn social previews showing poorly cropped image.

When we shared a link to a blog post or page on social media or in a messaging app, we could see the image and fix it in real time if needed. But for bigger teams where employees, social media teams, or customers are sharing your website’s pages, a more proactive approach would be needed.

There just wasn’t a good way to check how a website shows up when shared on social media. 

We started out by building a Social Share Preview tool called Preview As, originally found at We launched it back in May of 2021. It existed as a free web-based tool marketed to allow you to “preview your web page on a variety of platforms all in one place. Try out Preview As, the social sharing preview tool that allows you to quickly check your content on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, and Google—all from one simple interface.”

By January of 2022, we had seen enough traffic on to justify spending more time on it. We also decided to add on additional tools including a Page Links and Status Audit and a Page Speed Audit. Zelolab was born.

Today, the same free Social & Search Previews tool exists on our website. Since we began tracking in November 2022, it’s been used nearly 10,000 times by roughly 2,000 people from all around the world.

Scope Website Projects Easily & Simplify Website Migrations

We also ran into pain points during website migrations working with very large websites that had hundreds or thousands of pages. Specifically, website managers and owners we worked with had no way to audit older pages of their website. Often, they didn’t even know about some older pages of their site that were still receiving traffic. 

We needed a way to audit existing website pages. We started out by building a tool that would scrape a website and list all of the pages. This tool helped us scope out website redevelopment projects. It also gave us a list of all old website pages as we set up migration plans ahead of a new website launch.

Having a visual table of all of your website’s pages—that even shows the page speed score, broken links, and the social preview—is at the core of Zelolab’s dashboard.

View of Zelolab's dashboard showing a list of a website's pages.

From the dashboard, you can sort by page speed score, the number of broken links found, and whether a social preview image was found or not. 

You can quickly check social share preview images at a glance for all your website’s pages. Then dig into the individual page to see a full view of how they appear on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Slack, and Google. 

Get Web Page Update Alerts

Like many website agency owners, some of our clients are on website maintenance retainers. We like to know immediately—before our clients or their customers—if a website goes down. Whether it’s server downtime or a hack, being alerted as soon as possible can help mitigate damage. 

For marketing and development teams with many editors and content producers, having a quick check for when pages are added and removed can catch oversights that often occur. 

Our latest free tool, Sitemap Change Alerts, sends email alerts when any URLs are added or removed. 

Preview of Sitemap Change alert email

The email, shown above, shows what day and time a change occurred. It also shows what new URLs are added and if any are removed. For new URLs, it will show the Title, Description, Canonical URL, and OG Image. You’ll know immediately if anything is missing or inaccurate. 

Audit & Optimize For Technical SEO

As we started sharing more about building Zelolab, one common question we got was, “how is this different from Semrush or other existing tools?”. 

Zelolab was specifically built to make websites better in terms of technical SEO and user experience. It was created for developers and marketing teams. 

In contrast, Semrush was made specifically for content-focused SEO with tools for keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis. While Semrush does have three tools specifically for technical SEO, they can be overwhelming and mostly tie back to content improvements. 

Zelolab exists to simplify audit tools, exposing the information developers and marketers need to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

How To Use Zelolab

Our plan from the beginning was to always have free tools. Our free tools check social share previews, page speed scores, and broken links on a page level—one page at a time. These are great checks to incorporate into a QA process or launch checklist.

For those looking to audit and monitor their entire website, our full-site dashboard will be launching soon! We will have paid plans for developers and marketing teams who manage just one or two websites. We’ll also have plans for agency owners who need to track dozens or even hundreds of websites.

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