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How To Spell Check Your Website

November 7, 2022
 • Angela Noble
 • 5 min read

Spelling errors should be the easiest errors to fix on your website. But spell checking is not a step many website developers or marketing teams do once a web page is published. Most teams expect errors to be caught before things go live, but that isn’t always the case. 

There are a few tools out there you can use to spell check your website. But, the degree to which they are accurate and easy to use varies widely. Here are the top tools we’ve found:

Spell Check A Single Web Page

After you publish a new page to your website, you may want to get into the habit of running it through a spell checker one last time. Here are a few single page spell checkers to try.

W3C Spell Checker

W3C Spell Checker allows you to check the spelling of a single web page. It supports both English and French.

Simply enter your URL and select “get results”. Grammar & Spell Check provides another single page spell checker plus grammar suggestions. It supports quite a few languages. Simply type in your URL and select “check”. can check more than just web pages, you can also run other document types through their grammar and spelling checker.

Enter your URL and it will convert your web page to lines of text and highlight any words it suggests to review.

Spell Check An Entire Website

If you are working with an existing website and you’re uncertain whether spelling errors are present, you’re probably looking for a spell checker that can crawl your entire website. Here are a few entire site spell checkers to try:

Datayze’s Website Spell Checker

Datayze’s Website Spell Checker crawls one website’s pages and provides a list of misspelled words and which pages they occurred on. 

This tool is free but it is limited to 1,000 pages per user per day.

You can choose to give specific parameters to crawl, exclude URLs and directories, limit or exclude certain elements, tell it to ignore certain words, and more. 

Internet Marketing Ninjas’ Free Online Spell Check Tool

Internet Marketing Ninjas’ Online Spell Checker can crawl up to 1,000 pages. You can even include a list of words to ignore, which is usually important for brand or marketing words that may not be commonly recognized.

This tool is free but it is limited to 1,000 pages.

Simply type or paste the URL of your website’s home page in the text box, select the number of URLs you want the tool crawler to scan, and then click “Ninja Check”. It will take some time to crawl depending on the number of pages and amount of text on the pages. It will provide a report listing each URL scanned and the misspellings found. This tool only scans displayed text, not metadata. 

PowerMapper’s Sort Site Website Spell Checking

Another site-wide spell checker is SortSite, a product with other features besides spell checking that is created by PowerMapper.

This is a paid desktop application tool available for Windows and MacOS computers only. 

Spell checking features include English and French spelling and a custom dictionary for unusual words such as product names. 

Inspyder’s InSite Website Spell Checker

Inspyder’s InSite desktop application allows you to check every page of your website for spelling errors. 

This is a paid desktop application available for Windows computers only.

Not only does it check HTML pages, it also checks PDF and RTF content. It even catches grammatical errors such as double words or mixed case words. There are no page limits or site limits. It also spell checks meta tags, page titles, and other search engine visible content. Its dictionary can be customized with specific terms to ignore.

Web Tweak Tools’ Website Spell Checker

Web Tweak Tools’ Website Spell Checker is a desktop application specifically for searching sites for spelling errors.

This is a paid desktop application available for Windows and MacOS.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider is a desktop application tool for SEO and keyword research. One of its features is spell checking.

This is a paid desktop application available for Windows and MacOS computers only. 

Their tool helps find both spelling and grammar errors across an entire website. It has support for 39 languages. You can ignore words and grammar rules and add to the dictionary.

CMS-Based Spell Checkers

Besides web-based tools and desktop applications, there are also CMS-based plugins you can try for spell checking your website. We only found one plugin that has spell checking after page publication.

WP Spell Check

WP Spell Check is a WordPress plugin specifically for spell checking an entire, single website. It offers various packages with different pricing points, with scanning from 50-250 pages and posts. 

This is a paid website plugin that scans up to 250 pages and 250 posts.


While there are quite a few spell check options, they are either limited to a single web page or a limited number of pages, or they require downloading a paid desktop application. We’re wondering how website spell checkers might be done a little better, and will keep this post updated if we are able to create something new!


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