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How To Check A Link Preview

January 23, 2023
 • Angela Noble
 • 2 min read

When you share a link to your web page, a link preview is generated. This link preview is displayed in Google search results and in message threads over text, Facebook Messenger, and Slack. The link preview also shows up when a web page is shared on social media. Text as well as an image displays in this social share preview.

The social share preview image is sometimes called the og image or open graph image. The text and image is set up using Open Graph or OG meta tags. Check out our blog post on how to create and set up a social share image on your website.

Once you have your open graph image and other metadata setup, it’s time to check what it will look like when shared. Our Social Sharing Preview tool allows you to quickly preview a link on Twitter, Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn, and Google—all from one simple interface.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also have their own native debugging and validating tools. You can use them to preview a link on each social platform:

Facebook Sharing Debugger
Twitter Card Validator
LinkedIn Post Inspector

We’re working on a site wide tool that will enable you to audit your entire site’s social preview images. Don’t get stuck checking each page one by one, or only checking newly published pages. Zelolab allows you to see your og preview on each and every page in one view. Plus, it will continuously monitor your site and alert you when new pages or posts are published.

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